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We provide outstanding custom 3D design and drafting services to contractors, developers, DIY enthusiasts and more, all over Israel.

AM 3D Drafting was founded in 2018 by Andrey Mikhalchenko, a certified planning engineer, to provide total professional solutions to common industry challenges. We understand that design is all about the details, and that every single measurement matters.

That’s why we combine the world’s most advanced 3D planning software with our vast industry experience, outside-the-box thinking, and meticulous attention to detail.

Whether you come to us with a draft design, photograph, or only a general idea, we can transform that initial concept into a precise 3D model, complete with exact dimensions, material recommendations, shop, drawings, and even detailed installation plans and instructions. By avoiding all the delays and expenses that accompany inaccurate measurements, like unforeseen manufacturing and installation issues, our clients can save up to 20-40% on each project!

AM 3D Drafting is a subsidiary of Voland.

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AM 3D Drafting ensures a seamless transition from concept to reality

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Your idea

Each project begins by sitting down with you to understand the project fundamentals – the location, design, and details – as well as your personal tastes and any special requirements.

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We take meticulous on-site measurements using state-of-the-art equipment, taking into account all the imperfections and irregularities inherent in every room or space. By doing this during the planning process, we can eliminate the need for adjustments later on.

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Initial draft and approval process

We create a 3D model of the room or the space, which also includes an initial draft of what the product will look like in its intended location. Every step is carried out in full collaboration with you, and the model is only finalized once you are completely satisfied with its design.

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Full technical documentation

AM 3D Drafting provides you or your chosen manufacturer with the complete technical information necessary for the manufacture and installation of the product. We supply files that include a 3D model, instructions for cutting parts on CNC, laser, or other equipment, and the shop drawings and guidelines that will ensure absolute accuracy at every stage.

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Production and on-site installation

Each AM 3D Drafting project is meticulously thought out, down to the smallest detail, enabling you or your manufacturer to use minimal labor resources and man-hours without compromising on quality. On-site installation is quick, smooth, and error-free, avoiding the need for future alterations.

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Perfect final product

The product, created according to the AM 3D Drafting process, is manufactured and installed per our complete technical instructions, and therefore guarantees a high-quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing result.


We aspire to become an integral part of every architect’s development process, providing comprehensive professional solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure discerning clients benefit from optimal results at every stage.


We view every project as a partnership with our clients, and work closely with each client, providing full support and guidance throughout the entire process

  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Absolute professionalism


AM 3D Drafting aims to transform the industry, turning a complex, painstaking process into a simple, easy one – while saving clients valuable time and money.


We provide 100% compliance between the original concept and the final product. Our model of the product, together with full dimensions and technical specifications, precisely matches the installation site, eliminating inaccuracies, delays, and budget drains.


Save Valuable Time & Money

  1. In the design world, accuracy is everything. Yet all too often, crucial inaccuracies arise between measurements taken by architects, designers, manufacturers, and contractors working on-site. These inaccuracies can cause lengthy delays and significantly inflate your budget.

  2. AM 3D Drafting takes the uncertainty out of the process, creating an exact 3D model with precise dimensions, shop drawings, technical documentation, and more. We are perfectionists, and view every detail of the design like a surgeon views anatomy.

  3. When you use our services, you take control of the entire process, as we give you all the information and tools you need to order the necessary parts from your choice of factory, have the parts painted in your preferred paint shop, and manage any necessary delivery and installation services.

  4. Every AM 3D Drafting project complies with Israeli standards. We fully guarantee the safety of our products and ensure that our clients will not encounter any issues when obtaining all the necessary permits from the authorities.


The only studio that ensures 100% fidelity with your original design concept.


Any project related to construction, architecture, or product design.


You need a responsible contractor to help develop and produce a perfect product.


Meticulous attention to detail, with complete technical files for production and installation.


Because accuracy, efficiency, and cost-saving solutions should be at the heart of every project.